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2-Way Radio Communication Solutions

Let P.E.C.'s expert staff work with you in designing the right 2-way communication system for your company or organization. We specialize in systems for: Increase your company's efficiency with P.E.C. Mobile Communications' 2-Way Radio Solutions:
  • Improve customer relations through faster service.
  • Lower operating costs by reducing deadheading and backtracking.
  • Utilize equipment better by retaining control of your vehicles.
  • Increase sales and profit through greater efficiency.
tested for every situation

The world-famous Kenwood family of mobile radios are products of the most progressive microelectronic technology, engineering and manufacturing concepts known today. Each is built and tested with meticulous attention to quality and reliability for long, dependable service.

The ultimate in personal, lightweight two-way communications is available from Kenwood; including the police-rugged TK290, versatile TK280 and very affordable TK3100. These compact portables are both rugged and powerful. Synthesized, wide-spaced operation customizes the radio's features to meet complex system requirements.

Let us show you how you can cash in on the benefits of two-way radio and how we are uniquely qualified to serve you best.
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You already know what a difference a dependable 2-way radio can make in your operation. For coordinating vehicles and work crews for round-up, feeding and harvesting as well as for security, emergencies and personal use. Every feature in a Kenwood radio is engineered to fit the way you work.

Kenwood is known for the highest quality audio. All of their radios are built to deliver the crisp, clear and loud sound you need to understand the other person on the radio, even outdoors and around heavy equipment.

P.E.C. has had extensive experience in providing local county grain elevators with communications equipment and systems. This is vitally important in the storage and distribution marketing operation of the grain elevator moving products to domestic users or foreign importers.
PEC Mobile
Public Safety
P.E.C., over the years, has equipped numerous police, fire, public works departments and public utilities companies with high-performance Kenwood two-way radios. These communications systems have the features and system capabilities needed for uncompromising performance year in and year out. Municipal officials for many years have looked to P.E.C. for reliable service and quality products.

Of particular interest is the need in public safety for communications privacy in critical situations. P.E.C., using Kenwood equipment, can supply any municipality with a full line of mobile radios, portables and base stations that will reliably provide your two-way radio communications and not substantially increased fixed equipment cost.

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