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GPS Modem
In recent years, vehicle management systems using the Global Positioning System (GPS) have been attracting increasing attention. Ideal for streamlining the management of, for example, taxis, delivery trucks, security vehicles, P.E.C. delivers Kenwood's versatile GPS modem, increasing the efficiency in any operation.

This innovative system is both compact and affordable - consisting only of a GPS modem, a GPS antenna, and mobile radio.

GPS Modem Diagram

P.E.C. Mobile Communications
Offering reliable and capable communications, P.E.C. delivers Kenwood's 80-Series mobile and portable transceivers - the pefect answer for companies with medium and large-sized fleets. Incorporating FleetSyncTM alphanumeric 2-way paging for extra efficiency, the 80-Series improves bidirectional communication control between vehicles and the base station

In addition to one-to-one bidirectional communication between a unit and a base station, simultaneous communication from the base station to all units is possible.

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