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LTR and Community Repeater Communication Solutions

Kenwood Repeater - TKR-9300S P.E.C. owns and maintains many strategically located UHF community repeaters throughout our geographic area to provide customers with clear, noise-free communications. In a typical UHF system, a community repeater is generally located at a high elevation antenna site. Transmitted conversations are rebroadcast instantaneously between the base stations and the mobile or portable radios in the system.

LTR radio is the most important advancement in two-way radio communications in years! LTR technology is the sharing of a number of communication channels by a group of users.

Advantages of a LTR system by P.E.C. include channel access times that are measured in seconds, complete privacy, telephone interconnect, simplicity of operation and system flexibility.

With LTR, there is no channel monitoring- no listening to endless chatter when you have an important message to transmit. The system quickly and automatically searches out a clear channel and assigns it to you and you alone- no one can listen in, interrupt, or overpower you.

Now P.E.C. Mobile Communications combines its wide installation and service experience with the finest Kenwood equipment to bring you all the benefits of a LTR communication system.

P.E.C. - LTR Coverage Map

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