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Cellular Phone Communication Solutions As Cingular distributor, P.E.C. provides digital service nationwide. Choose from Home, Regional, or National plans. Click here to find out more about our packages, cell phone products and coverage areas.
Paging System Communication Solutions Now staying in touch with friends and family is cheaper than ever with P.E.C.'s paging solutions. Want more? How about the latest updates in sports, weather, news and more? Find out about P.E.C.'s pager packages, products and more. Click here.
Personal Radio Communication Solutions Get some distance out of your fun with the P.E.C.'s two-way portable radios. Geared toward personal useage, these practicle communications devices will help you stay in touch with your party for up to 2 miles away!Click here for more info on P.E.C.'s personal 2-way radios.

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